Treatment and Monitoring

In 2002 we expanded the range of offered medical services by installing in all our ophthalmology centers the equipment for preventive treatment of eyesight deterioration with patients whose occupation involves intensive eye stress and for treatment of eye diseases and accommodation cramps. 

We offer treatment with the following units: 

ESOM : microprocessor-based electric eye stimulator for preventive treatment after intensive eye stress or against presbyopia, amblyopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, accommodation cramps, myopia, retinal degeneration, optic atrophy. 

ATOS : magnetic therapy unit to improve microcirculation and to produce anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. It is used in case of intraocular haemorrhedges, vascular eye diseases, keratitis, uveitis and other diseases involving inflammations and edemas. 

ATOS + AMBLIO: photomagnetic therapy unit to treat accommodation cramps and amblyopia. 

LOT : microprocessor-based laser therapy unit for laser stimulation of retina and ciliary muscle, for anti-inflammatory and resorption therapy. 

RELAX software: for eye recovery after stress, eye training and accommodation as well as display syndrome treatment. 

Better results can be achieved when the above equipment is used for comprehensive eye treatment and the expert ophthalmologist monitors the progress. 

Our experience has demonstrated high efficiency of the above equipment in treatment, examination and use of complex computerized treatment programs as part of the service package offered to corporate clients – firms, enterprises, banks, etc. because preventive treatment e.g. during lunch break decreases the staff exposure to ophthalmic pathologies.