Professional advice

You will find skilled medics and advisors in "Optic-Lux" centers. All our centers as well as eyesight diagnostics and contact correction rooms have all required statutory licenses issued by the Moldovan Ministry of Health and Licensing Chamber. Our ophthalmologists were trained and certified as experts on contact eyesight correction at Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases (Russia) and at advanced professional training courses for contactologists delivered by С iba Vision (Switzerland) and Baush & Lomb (USA). Our customers have confidence in our medics who offer skilled advice and expert fitting of glass and contact lenses. 

Our skilled professional staff include:

Top Category Ophthalmologists: Ms. Lucia Gutu, Ms. Olga Sauschina, Ms. Iulia Lopata, Ms. Olga Zveric;
Category 1 Ophthalmologists: Ms. Natalia Vasilieva, Ms. Argentina Ursu, Ms. Natalia Babanskaia;
Ophthalmologists: Ms. Valentina Golic, Ms. Oxana Meresevschaia, Ms. Angela Parfene.

The ophthalmologist starts and maintains an individual file on each patient visiting our eyesight diagnostics and contact correction centers; we keep this file on our archive to store the data on all your visits and examination findings. Our current database includes above 9,000 loyal customers .

"Optic-Lux" advisers will be glad to give a knowledgeable and expert answer to any question regarding the specifications and characteristics of any of the offered products or about its manufacturer. Our sales staff will tell you all about any glasses or contact lenses which might interest you, assist in selecting the most appropriate frame or glass lens depending on your eye health, occupation and lifestyle. Furthermore they will answer in detail all your questions about lens care products. Our sales staff will explain how this or that solution should be used, where they differ and what purpose exactly they serve, etc.