Our centers employ top-ranking professionals. All our ophthalmologists were trained on contact eyesight correction methods at Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases (Russia) and at С iba Vision advanced professional training center for contactologists (Switzerland). 

All ophthalmology centers are equipped as mini-polyclinics with state-of-the-art computerized diagnostics tools, such as: Reichert (Leica, USA), Topcon (Japan), Rodenstock (Germany). Any of our medical offices offers comprehensive and computerized eyesight diagnostics and ophthalmologist's advice regarding your eyesight and eye health. He/she will recommend the appropriate treatment and the schedule for your subsequent visits, if needed. 

If you want to acquire contact lenses, our ophthalmologist will perform computerized lens fitting in order to select the lenses most appropriate for your corneal diameter and eye curvature. Furthermore you will be provided during your first visit all required information on contact lens use and wear as well as the required lens and eye care. All your questions will be duly answered . 

Should you have serious eyesight problems that require eye surgery, our ophthalmologist will perform diagnostics and recommend the best eye clinic most appropriate for your case, including eye clinics outside Moldova; furthermore we offer post-surgery ophthalmological assistance and monitoring services.

"Optic-Lux" stands currently for the top-level diagnostics and contact eyesight correction centers as well as high quality lens and eyewear distributors qualified to perform expert lens and sunglasses fitting. 

We are liaising pro-actively with practicing ophthalmologists in Moldova as well as many other countries and participating in international conferences; we are committed to training and advanced training of our ophthalmologists and opticians. Thus, we house multiple seminars and workshops held in Moldova by the manufacturing companies whose products we are distributing and offer the possibility to attend such events to other ophthalmologists from all regions of Moldova.

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