"OPTIC-LUX' Ltd.- is an autorized distributor in  Moldova  of: CIBAVISION®, Reichert, Optopol, Grosfilley, EssilorInternational, Sauflon.

Welcome to our web site! Here you will find detailed information on us, our operation and the range of services and products offered by us; furthermore, you will come to know more about optics in general and the manufactures whose products we are distributing. We hope you will find this information interesting.

Our company was established in 1992 as a wholesale distributor of affordable glass frames to opticians’ salons and specialized retail in Chisinau and Moscow.

We were expanding continuously our contacts network in the optics and ophthalmology sector. In particular, we started our collaboration with New Look Clinics in Moscow, which is currently in progress and expanding. Owing to the inspiring personal energy of its chief medical officer Mr. Vyacheslav Kurenkov and thanks to his professional assistance, we were able to launch our first centre for contact correction of eyesight by the polyclinics of the Moldovan Government Administrative Department in 1994. It was manned initially with ‘New Look’ opticians – contact correction experts. Subsequently we had ophthalmologists on our staff trained on contact correction methods. They have progressed to the level of true professionals unique for Moldova.

Our customer basis was expanding and growing steadily. We decided to expand in optics and ophthalmology in view of customer wishes and identified needs. We launched our first Optic Lux Salon (the one located at 101, 31st August street in Chisinau) and the Balti subsidiary for contact correction of eyesight in 1998.

We were the first in Moldova to offer professional eyesight diagnostics as well as contactologist and optometrist services in our optics salon. We are happy to have positive feedback from our customers who visit our centers. They are getting one-stop service there without the necessity to undertake a time-consuming search of a polyclinics, an eyesight correction center or an opticians’ salon any longer.

We were expanding steadily our range of glass and contact lenses and eyewear as well as lens care products. In 2002 we launched our second optics and ophthalmology salon at 123, Stefan cel Mare (Chisinau’s main street). All our centers are using state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment. Our subsequent expansion included the launch of our Optic Lux Salon at 4, Dacia Boulevard in 2004 and Optic Lux Salon at  13/1, Mircea cel Batrin street in 2008. Currently each Optic Lux Salon incorporates an ophthalmology and treatment center with modern laser and photo-electric equipment to treat and prevent eyesight problems and eye diseases.

We continue to evolve. We are always glad to have your feedback in order to know your wishes and needs better. We are determined to continue our development and to expand the range of services available to our customers.

We hope this information comes useful for you.